Our sponsors!

UARS is a volunteer-run club with high ambitions. We are working hard to become one of Sweden’s best clubs both on and off the water.


Rowing is a material sport. Good equipment is needed to reach good results. We are very lucky with our current fleet of boats, including several financed by various projects and generous sponsors. But we are still missing modern boats in several boat classes. We are currently running a project – Studentsatsningen – with a number of ambiitous goals, including the purchase of a new coxless four in the openweight class.


We have a fantastic boathouse for our boats. But we are missing a clubhouse. Since Fyris is covered by ice for several months every winter we spend several months on the rowing machine and in the gym. We used to rent a house in Ultuna but had to vacate a few years ago. We currently have a temporary club space in a basement at Folkhögskolan. But we need more space for our activities in order to grow as a club and are thus planning a new clubhouse