Experienced rower and want to join UARS?

Fun, Welcome!

At UARS we row ca 7 months of the year on water. During the winter season we train together indoor in or club basement.

At UARS you can row just for fun, as training or with a focus on competitions! We have general training 2-3 times a week and in between a full paying member can book boats of their category on their own.

As an experienced rower you can become a normal member directly without doing rowing school, but you will have to have an introduction row with one of our training committee members who will evaluate your experience level and what stage rower you are. UARS has a 1-3 stages depending on experience. No new member can be stage 3 until they have rowed a few weeks on Fyrisån.

Contact our rowing captain for more information and to organise your first session with us roddchef@uars.se