Upcoming rowing school dates

Learn how to row!

Below you will find any plans upcoming dates for rowing school or try-out days. We update the webpage as soon as we have a planed date.

Saturday 22nd April 12-15

Try-out day No.1, 2023

6th – 20th May

Rowing school No. 1, 2023

Rowing schools


Try out day

Come and tryout rowing for a few hours before joining rowing school. Get to know the club and the sport. We test the rowing machine, go through theory, and go on the water. Sign up through this form

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  • 150 kr

Rowing school

We run 2-3 rowing schools per yer, where we teach you everything you need to know to join our general training, racing, fun excursions and more. The price for the rowing school is 1200 SEK (950 SEK for students, excluding PhD students). The 150 kr from try-out day will be subtracted from this cost. This price includes seven rowing school sessions, and three general training sessions with the club. If you have any questions, contact Malin our rowing captain, at roddchef@uars.se Our rowing school includes 8 2h sessions on water and land learning everything you need to know to participate in the club's activities. Sign up for rowing school through this form

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  • 1200 SEK (950 SEK for students, excluding PhD students).

Interested in rowing school or try-out day?

Send us a message if you are want to be contacted when we hold the next rowing school or try-out day.