1992 and on!

Karl-Johan Lindholm and Johan Lidberg moved to Uppsala to study at Uppsala University. They got to keep a rowing boat in the ULS if boathouse (boat shed). Whereafter the first University Race (UK-rodden) between Uppsala and Lund is held. The competition takes place in Malmö and consists of a men's 4+ from each university In conjunction with this, Uppsala Academic Rowing Society (UARS) is formed and likewise a student rowing section at Malmö.

First SM, AKA

1995, Karl-Johan Lindholm and Johan Lidberg participate in the World Rowing Championships in Finland for the Swedish national team (2-, lightweight). 1998, Academic Rowing Championship: (AKA-rodden) is organised for the first time. The competition is open to beginners from Uppsala and other universities in Sweden. The competition was modelled on a competition between the Stockholm nation and the Gothenburg nation from the end of the 19th century.

Grand UK, First clubhouse

The University Race is organised on a large scale and teams are invited from Oxford and Cambridge. One of the biggest UARS events of all time. UARS member Peter Wikström is elected to the Board of the Swedish Rowing Federation, becoming the first UARS member to sit on the Board of the Swedish Rowing Federation. A student rowing section is formed within the Swedish Rowing Federation. A collaboration is initiated with Akademiska hus, which includes the club's first clubhouse at Vindbrovägen 7.

The year of big events.

The first Gymnasiekapprodden (GKR) was held in central Uppsala, a competition between Uppsala's upper secondary schools on the Fyrisån. The Nordic Student Race (NSK) was also held for the first time since the Second World War. UARS won the women's class, Chalmers University of Technology won the men's class. The Academic Rowing Championships attracted 23 teams and 115 competitors, who due to the high water level had to lie in a row during the passage at Skolbron. The strong current also meant that three officials involuntarily experienced a rafting on a jetty. They were later picked up at the New Bridge. UARS takes over responsibility for all existing ULSIF boats and all oars are painted in UARS club colours. The "Sandladan" is rebuilt and furnished with boat racks. The jetty is renovated and improved.

Indoors and training camp, SM gold

2004: The summer training camp is held for the first time at Siljansnäs Roddklubb in Dalarna, Linda Tjäder's challenge is arranged for the first time with the aim of getting more people to dare to row single sculls. Four rowing machines (Concept 2) are purchased and indoor rowing takes the club to new heights. The club comes second in the Swedish Rowing Federation's indoor series. Lassi Karonen breaks the Swedish record on the rowing machine. The new record time for 2000 metres is: 5.51.8. 2005: The club sets a new membership record with more than 120 active members. UARS ladies row home the club's first SM gold in the 8+ class! The Empacher eight, which was called Empen in the past, is renamed by the ladies to Fyris Aurum.

New boathouse

The club builds a new boathouse of 302m2 next to the old boathouse. Most of the work is done entirely by club members under the leadership of chairman and builder Axel Strandell.


UARS, together with SAIF and Idrottslyftet, is investing in girls, with the goal of getting 25 new women rowers into the club. At the end of 2012, 31 new women rowers have joined, a drastic increase from the 19 who were in the club when the project started. Through the project, UARS purchased a new lightweight eight+ for women; Juni.
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Before UARS - ULS IF Nordisk Landskamp

Before UARS was created, some rowing took place on the site through SLU’s sports club ULS. Mainly for the Nordic “Landskamp”. Later UARS member Ove Wattle was involved and is therefore considered the club’s founding father.