Rowing school

It’s rowing school time! Our rowing school will start with a try-out day on 22 April and then run from 6 May to 20 May. The sessions are in the calendar. Helpers needed are indicated with x. We always need helpers for rowing school. You don’t need to be an experienced rower to help beginners. There’s a position for everyone. Plus you can learn lots from helping beginners
If you have are a new member and have never rowed before you need to do rowing school to be able to row on the water. If you joined during winter training you are guaranteed a spot on the rowing school but please sign up fast so that we know.
All the information about rowing school can be found here and on the website. If you know anyone who might be interested in joining share this with them and tell them to sign up! And if they’re unsure tell them to come to our try-out day. They don’t have to sign up for the try-out day but it would be nice if they did, so that we know how many people to expect.