UARS Camps

Summer Training Camp in Siljansnäs

  • Time: up to one week
  • Location : Siljansnäs, Dalarna (4h car or train ride one way)
  • Cost : ca. 500-1800 SEK (incl food and petrol, depending on how long you stay like between 2 and 8 days)
  • Travel and Lodging: bring your own tent, there is also one room with matresses in the boathous, or rent a room in the local B&B, travel in cars or train
  • Boat category: as many boats as possible will be brought.
  • Rowing activities: All sorts of different rowing activities (from social rowing to all out training)
  • Total activity time: usually one week (weekend to weekend) in mid/end of July
  • Fun and social factor: there’s no better way to get to know everyone in the rowing club

During a week in the summer a significant portion of the club’s rowers travel to what is probably the prettiest place in Sweden for rowing – Siljansnäs. The camp is used both as hard training for important races as well as a relaxing holiday. Some rowers do three sessions a day whilst others do one and spend the rest of the day relaxing and enjoying the sun and water. Everyone is welcome, as with all UARS events!

Siljansnäs offers an amazing combintion of hard training, relaxation and pure bliss

A classic part of UARS summer camps is the competition now known as “Single Skills Challenge”, based on “Linda Tjäder’s Challenge.” The idea is that everyone can row the single and should be comfortable to do so. In order to achive this the competition consists of a range of challenges, from a short race to standing up and turning around in the boat – as well as taking off a layer of clothing. The competition always results in fantastic photos.

Easter camp

During easter we normally have a camp at home on fyris, or we travel further away to find new waters.